Thursday, January 27, 2011

Makin Moves

I quickly realized this blog still sucks and you are probably tired of looking at the same stupid cupcake from day 1. I have been bitching and baking but not to you people because I quickly realized an unfortunate fact: blogging is fucking annoying.

By the time I am bored or 'boiling' enough about something to bake it off, I conceptualize a post and prepare a recipe's ingredients, stop to take photos along the way, then am too tired or over it to actually post it. This leads me to have a good amount of photos with no entries and baked goods go unphotographed all-together.

So heres a new change. I dont even know if it can be called a change since this blog doesnt really exist, but from now on Im going to do what I feel like doing and share what I care to share... It will probably be mostly pictures. If you dont like it, stop reading. I doubt anyone does read this though?

Perfect for me.

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